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Originally from Kansas City, MO, I moved to Colorado in 2008 after graduating from Kansas State University.  Yes, in the middle of Kansas, and it was beautiful. (Google the flint hills and you will see what I am talking about.)  After exploring various job opportunities and connecting with multiple clients and entrepreneurs in Colorado I was fortunate enough to begin my own freelancing design business, Kelly Eileen Designs, LLC.  My client base reaches not just Colorado, but Missouri, Kansas, California, and various other regions across the US.  I specialize in print designs with a focus on typography and design aesthetic.

I'm always taking on new clients, and always looking for more opportunities to use and further my skills.

Along with Graphic Design, I also work for a screen printing and embroidery company based out of Kansas City. 



Design, of course.  But seriously.  I love design.  Wether it is reading a new menu, an simple tag on a retail item, the packaging for say dark chocolate sea salt caramels (my ultimate weakness), I see and find design everywhere and am always inspired and curious to how that particular idea came about. 

Living in Colorado it is pretty easy to be passionate about nature and the outdoors.  Moving here I feel I have a greater respect and understanding of nature, and how hard it is becoming to keep our world beautiful.  Knowing what you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint and leave a better path for the generations after us is important, and is a skill that needs practice just like everything else.  Keeping yourself informed and participating, wether it is donating to our national parks, or just recycling and picking up trash when you see it can help in even the smallest amounts.


Recently Colorado has upped it's food game, and I am all the willing to participate in that great art!  Cooking is a huge part of my life. Working from home, and living with my husband, we take great pride in cooking for ourselves multiple times a week, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We leave it to the professionals when we want to indulge, and see the new food scenes as another form of art.  Our home boasts a little over an acre yard which we are trying hard to maintain, and use partially for home gardening.  Eating food that you have grown and nurtured yourself is quite the reward - but it is a lot of hard work! 


Moving from Kansas City to Denver I left behind a great home base.  Majority of my friends growing up still live at home, along with the majority of my family.  I have so gratefully created another family here in Colorado and have enjoyed bringing both worlds together.  As you get older your friends become more like family, and your family becomes a lot like a good friend if you're lucky.  I consider myself incredibly so. 


Choak and Rolf are mine and my husband's pride and joy.  Choak, born in 2008, is a German Shorthair Pointer who is always up for a romp, and always ready to eat.  A girl after my own heart.  Rolf, born in 2010, is a German Shepard mix.  Mostly mellow and relaxed around home, he is the definite protector of our home when he needs to be, unless you're up for a nap, he always is.  They are 2 great great friends. 

My husband, Kael, is a musician and helps keep the creative energy flowing in our home.  Even more so because he provides a soundtrack for me when we're both working.  We are both fortunate enough to have friends and family who support our greatest passions, knowing we wouldn't be content doing anything else.  It has been a long hard progress for us both, but it gets better and better every year.  


Everyday I am growing and learning.  Every year seems to get better than the last in work and home life.  I hope to continue on my journey here in Colorado and see where the next adventure and opportunity takes me. 

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